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Course Features



The Department of Interactive Entertainment Design (IED) aims to instruct the integrated digital technicians and designers, and nurture the talents of "Display Technology" and "Interactive Advertising" to create entertainment and business values by using "user interaction", "digital entertainment" and "visual design" technologies.

We also introduce students to the many career opportunities available for the creative industries in the future. IED combine practical courses in Computer Science and Applied Arts, such as Interaction Design, Maker Project, Projection Art, and Advance 3D Model Design. Our course cultivates professional abilities that employers now crave: ability of collaborating with others, creative thinking, problem-based learning, utilizing new technology and multi-tasking. The students will learn to engage audiences as well as professionals across various industries, including new media, interactive advertisement design and display technology.



  • Two Modules: “Display Technology Design” and “Interactive Advertisement Design”.
  • Three Achievement Promises: Creation, Innovation, Entrepreneurship.
  • Four Teaching Characteristics: Practical Courses, Innovative Projects, Business Designation, Project-Bases Learning
  • Five Education Goals: Advanced Interaction Design Skills, Business Capability Modeling, Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Equipment and Device Manipulation.
  • The only one Department of Interactive Entertainment Design in Taiwan.
  • Four interactive design labs with the newest experimental facilities, such as AR, VR, MR rooms, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC mils, projection mapping software and interactive touch screens. Intimate collaborations with interactive design industries to enhance students’ learning experience.


Future Development

The Graduates from IED will have the ability to enter New Media companies, Interactive Design companies, Entertainment Design companies and Digital Media companies. The Department will continue recruiting faculties with both research ability and practical professionals. IED will further enhance the facilities of the four design labs to bring even better learning experience for the students. The Department will also continue the explorations of the advance application, research potential and production skills in the area of “Room Escape” game. IED aims to become one of the first Departments in the world that focuses on the research of “Room Escape”.





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