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Interactive Media Lab


Director: Assistant Professor Chen, Yun-Ju

Location: HanDe Building 101


The goal of Innovative Exhibition Arena / Interactive Media Laboratory is to promote the development of interactive media technologies and new media design experiments. The Lab is also aims to explore creative ideas from the media and humanities development from technology. With media experiments, art design, cultural studies and curatorial practices as nutrients, the lab can therefore promote transmedia practices of interactive media arts and design to international platforms.

Laboratory research focuses on Interactive Projection System and Gamified Augmented Projection. Through the integration of new technologies and merchandising models, lab enables students to experience and operate practical demonstration technologies, and gradually establish practical skills to commercialize digital creations.

The lab equipment includes: augmented reality display system, AR interactive guide and interactive display system, interactive advertising information projection system, 10000 lumens high-end, 3000 lumens ultra-thin, miniature 3D and other projectors, vertical thin KIOSK, high-end multimedia computer , IMac computers, gesture sensors, Mad mapper image overlays and Resolume Arena (VJ) software.





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